How will the New Domain Extensions Impact Your SEO?

As we move into the golden age of the internet, we are presented more choices of things we can do including more domain extensions to choose

SEO is about how web searchers can locate you online organically, and your domain name is an active contributor to SEO success. With more domain extensions to choose do you think this is a blessing or a curse for SEO?

A few years ago, we were limited to a few domain extensions such as .com, .org, .net and so on. We all still seem to naturally flow with the trend of the old domain extensions that some of us would by default pick a dot com even for a church activity related website. Sometimes, we pray we have more of the domain extensions to pick, and it even gets worse when the purpose of the site can hardly have a better description from available domain extensions, and in such a case, we decide for something like dot net or dot info.

Today, the story is entirely different such that a computer savvy can have such domain extension to describe their website and aptly make sense to the web searcher who is looking for people like him. But while one is enthusiastic about more domain extensions to pick from an extensive list found on ICANN site, some internet savvy sees it differently.

New domain extensions do not hurt SEO

Many domain registration service stakeholders are giving a thumb up to the idea of the new domain name as they argue it does not remove from the value of SEO but rather add immense value to it. There is the argument that a car company that was previously using a dot-com domain extension can now have a better extension such as dot cars to describe what they do to the web searchers and the search engine. A dot com can be any business, but a dot car sends clearer information that the website deals with cars.



How does SEO work?

SEO focuses on helping web searchers to locate what they want by using appropriate descriptive text in website content that web crawlers will match with web searchers’ queries to find web content that matches what they want. The core of SEO is the use of the keyword. Efforts by Google to make the online experience more enjoyable led to series of updates and algorithms to help searchers and remove time wasters in term of keyword stuffing and irrelevant materials. Domain name extension will help SEO sharpens its focus of locating relevant content through domain extensions that will indicate to search engine and web searcher the exact subject of their searches.

More domain extension makes room for unique naming

Knowledge of file naming on our local computer taught me a great lesson. If you want to locate your file quickly, you will be able to do that if you learn to save each file with a unique name that best describes the file. If you have a recipe saved on your laptop and you save the main folder as food. Anytime you want to retrieve your recipe, all you have to do is go under food main folder, and you can then browse all the several food files under the food folder.

Domain extension suggests the idea of the environment and type of subjects treated under it. With a dot car domain, web searchers will have the idea that the environment will be dealing with cars and it will quickly lead to a great experience for the internet user. In order words, the objective of SEO is for the web user to have a great experience using the internet and also help the website owner for his site to be found by prospective traffic. These combinations of experiences ultimately help SEO and not diminish it.